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Female Orgasm Facts That Many Women (and Men) Neglect

Here are some female orgasm facts that both men and women should be aware of. Women, as you already know are very sensitive and emotional beings (well… not all of them) and they need special treatment in order to reach a successful and fulfilling orgasm.

Women (and men) who know the facts presented here and who follow the advice given, will be able to experience orgasms easier. I also present a special resource at the end of the article that is highly recommended for ladies who have orgasmic troubles… I hope you enjoy the article.

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1. The majority of women need adequate time

As we all know (don’t we?), women need more time to reach an orgasm than men, which is normal according to sex experts. Statistics show that the average woman needs at least 20 minutes of good sex to reach an orgasm. Males on the other hand can ejaculate in ~5 minutes. This is pretty unfair for women. So, a couple must find ways to slow down the whole procedure.

If you spend enough time on foreplay, this will solve the problem. There are also certain mental exercises that can also help. If you are a man and you suffer from premature ejaculation, then there are techniques that can help. Just visit a therapist (e.g. a urologist) and he/she will show you what to do. If you are in a hurry here’s a resource that promises to cure your premature ejaculation easy and naturally.

2. Women can fake orgasm

It’s rare to find men who have trouble reaching an orgasm. On the other hand a lot of women report that they find it hard to climax. What’s interesting is that statistics show 65% of women who didn’t reach an orgasm during their last intercourse, faked orgasm and their sex partner fell for it.

So, what’s going on? We have men who think their sex partner reaches an orgasm even if she doesn’t… It’s really sad, especially for women who have to play the role of a sexually satisfied person. The cure might be complicated and once again it might take time. The idea, according to sex experts, is to know your body well and understand your body’s pleasure points

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3. Female orgasm success is linked to self-confidence

Sex experts have concluded that the quality of a woman’s orgasms is linked to how she feels about her body (and her vagina). If a woman feels bad about herself and her genitals, it’s hard for her to reach a fulfilling orgasm. The cure for women would be to increase their confidence and treat themselves as they want others to treat them.

If you are a woman, feeling good about your body and loving your vagina is important. This way you send healthy signals and positive messages to yourself. Experts reveal the “hand mirror strategy” to start loving your genitals. According to it you can grab a hand mirror and have a look down there. This way you get to know your body and this is significant if you want to feel confident.

4. A lot of women simply don’t have orgasms

If you are a woman and you find it hard to reach an orgasm, please know you are not alone. Statistics reveal that 1 in 3 women has trouble climaxing. The root of the problem lies in the fact that when these women have sex they rely on vaginal penetration alone. Sex is more complicated than that, right? This is why foreplay is important and it should never be neglected.

Experts say that clitoral stimulation can always help. Others recommend medical treatment. There are women who suffer from a condition called “Orgasmic Dysfunction” and if that’s what’s going on then visiting a therapist can help. Orgasmic Dysfunction may be caused by other medical conditions like depression, diabetes or thyroid disease.

5. Most women haven’t discovered their G-Spot

I am sure you’ve heard about the G-Spot and its importance in experiencing intense and satisfying orgasms. So, have you found your G-Spot? It was first discovered and analyzed by a German doctor in the 1950’s. This spot contains a series of nerve endings which, if stimulated, can lead to stronger and longer orgasms. The problem is that many experts deny its existence until nowadays.

In my opinion G-Spot exists (and it always did) both in men and women and I know doctors who encourage its discovery, especially for women. I can only tell you your G-Spot is inside your vagina and I firmly believe you should try to discover it especially if you have trouble climaxing…

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6. An orgasm can act as a pain killer

Certain studies have shown that a good orgasm can relieve all kinds of pain. This is because during an orgasm certain hormones are being released in the body. These chemical substances are associated with positive emotional states and thus they can reduce pain and even eliminate it.

Experts tell us that most of the times the pain relief from orgasm doesn’t last long but when we associate good sex with pain relief, it’s enough to only think about sex to kill the pain… So, next time you get a headache, have sex!

7. Condoms are not responsible for the absence of orgasms

According to sex experts the use of condoms has nothing to do with the quality of orgasms. Women can reach an orgasm with or without a condom and this busts many myths claiming that condoms are responsible for bad sex. Well, studies show this is far from truth.

On the contrary, condoms can promote a satisfying sexual experience for many reasons. For example with the use of a condom a man doesn’t have to pull out fast or worry about ejaculating quickly. Condoms are very important and they promote a healthy sexual life. If you are man and you worry about lack of sensation that’s caused by the use of a condom, then seek manual stimulation of the penis first

Mentioned here are just some facts that many women or couples are still not aware of. There are more facts related to female orgasm. For example sex experts say that orgasms get better as we age or that women who try a variety of sex positions or a mix of oral sex and vaginal sex can lead to climaxing or that in rare occasions, an orgasm happens without sexual intercourse! In any case, a woman must first feel well about her body, her genitals and about sex and her partner in order to reach an intense and fulfilling orgasm.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you want to read more check out my article on how to have an orgasm on time every time or my article about what orgasmic dysfunction is and how to treat it, or my article with the top reasons that prevent you from reaching an orgasm. There are many more related posts here on LifeSexual blog like the one with the step-by-step guide to help a woman reach a fulfilling orgasm. Check out the “Articles” page if you are interested…

Before I go I want to let you know about a couple of resources that will definitely help you improve your sex life. If you are a woman then I recommend this resource that reveals a series of female orgasm secrets. If you are man here are 3 things you can do to a woman to give her the best orgasms of her life. Thank you for your time…

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